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Heavy Flow Pad

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Smartliners washable heavy period flow pads features 4 ply Smartsorb™ and are made of 100% organic cotton which is good for you and kind to the environment.

·       9”x 3” period pad 

·       Smartsorb™ ultra absorbent technology

·       EasyWing™ hook and loop closure system

·       Certified Eco-friendly 100% organic cotton

·       For lighter flows, or the beginning or end of your cycle. (please note, your periods vary, and you are to judge what suits your needs)

·       Organically dyed black cotton pad

·       Free of any harmful chemicals and plastics

·       Extremely comfortable

·       Odor free

·       Easy to maintain & long lasting

·       1 pad in a canister

·       Includes travel/wash pouch

·       All measurements are approximate

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