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Paper Tape 48mm x 50m
Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

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Product description

This tape has a paper backing with a silicon free release coat and an adhesive system without solvents.

The product has the following characteristics:

·       It can be used for a wide variety of different cardboard types.

·       It can resist against short-term shocks as the elongation of the paper is very high – twice as high as comparable, conventional paper tapes.

·       The product is easy to unwind and suitable for use with hand dispensers or packaging machines.

·       It has an extremely high adhesion. Therefore it can generally not be removed from the carton without carton tear off, so it provides a tamper-proof packing

·       The natural raw material paper adapts itself harmoniously to the cartons and adds the high-class appearance of packaging.

It is an environmental friendly carton sealing tape. The backing is based on paper, a natural, sustainable material. As the product is chlorine free and based on derivatives of mineral oil only, the disposal by heat treatment is environmental friendly.

48mm x 50m

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