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Seal Cup Jumbo

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Sporting an eggplant-color lid and generously holding 6 cups, our Seal Cup Jumbo is the newest addition to our growing Blue Water Bento nesting cup series.

The Jumbo's no-leak silicone lid tops a stainless steel container. Check out the ocean-inspired embossed design on the lid and take a moment to remember your love of the oceans. What do you think our design inspiration was for this lid? Can you see the abstract octopus tentacles in the pattern?

The Seal Cup Jumbo will hold the Seal Cups Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, and Mini compactly in your cupboards. And if you need to buy a few Seal Cup Jumbos, they can also stack thanks to our nifty nesting design.          

 Product Dimensions:

  • Measures 7 inches diameter by 3 inches tall. Capacity is 48 oz. (6 cups).
  • Stainless steel container tare weight is 5.5 oz. With the lid, tare weight is 9 oz.

 Product Details:

  • The Jumbo is the largest in our nesting Seal Cup containers set, which includes mini, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • Non-toxic silicone lid and type 304 stainless container are free of estrogen-mimicking chemicals commonly found in plastics like BPA, BPS, and phthalates.
  • All parts are dishwasher and oven safe Not for use in the microwave
  • Steel and silicone container is lighter than glass containers and non-breakable.
  • Tare weight is etched on the bottom so container may be used at food bars and delis that charge by food weight.
  • Made responsibly in China.


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