Hi. My name is Patricia...

the founder of Plastic Free Ocean!When I first discovered the zero waste world, I became mesmerized. I myself was not aware of how much plastic I had around the house and how much trash I created. It seemed “normal”, because that’s how we’ve been living for the last 50+ years, all for convenience. I then started to make changes to my routine by swapping to zero waste essentials little by little; and similar to most people I shopped on amazon.


My products would come in plastic packaging, I didn’t know much about the brands, their ethics, etc... At that point, the idea of selling these products arose. But, it seemed so daunting and unachievable that I thought I would never accomplish it. Traveling in Europe a few months later, I came across zero waste shops, and that gave me hope to one day open one. After a lot of work and dedication Plastic Free Ocean was born.

Plastic Free Ocean's mission of eliminating plastic from our oceans and landfills by providing eco-friendly alternative products and encouraging a low waste lifestyle is paramount. 

We aim to have all zero waste essentials in one store for all your domestic needs.


All of our products are

  • Vegan

  • Ship carbon neutral

  • Plastic free, every time.

  • Based in Washington, USA.