Agave Washcloth

Agave Washcloth


Agave Fiber Washcloth made from 100% Agave Fiber


* Restores, stimulates skin to smooth invigorating freshness

* Long-lasting, quick drying

* Better than a loofah - resists mold

* Useful in the kitchen - efficient mar-free utility cloth

* Made from Agave (century plant)

* Hand woven 

* Imported from Mexico 

* Soaked in water, natural fibers expand; weave tightens like magic 

* Hand wash only


Care: Rinse throughly, squeeze out excess water, hang to dry


Agave Fiber is manually extracted, washed with water and sun dried. No chemicals are used.


These great natural fiber products, serve a variety of uses in and around the home, and they are completely biodegradable.


Size: About 12”x14” prior to use

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