Sun Deodorant Balm

Sun Deodorant Balm

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A soothing blend of organic butters & oils blended with uplifting citrus essential oils to create a refreshing unisex Deodorant balm that keeps you fresh all day long. 
SUN is the newly reformulated Vegan balm that replaces our Lush Lime deodorant.

Free from any nasty stuff, aluminum, parabens, talcs or palm oils, vegan & cruelty-free, our balm neutralizes odors rather than stopping the natural function of sweating to allow your body to exhale what does not serve it.

All small batch made by hand on the Northern Beaches of Sydney using mindful ingredients lessen our impact.
Our cardboard tubes have been created from 100% recycled paper, are compostable & recyclable. When it’s finished pop it straight into your home compost, worm farm or dug a hole & bury it snuggly in the soil. 
The 30gm tins are reusable or infinitely recyclable.

Labels have been printed using 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached, alternative fiber papers, organic based non-toxic inks to reduce environmental impact further.

We use only the ingredients needed, not a peep more, sourced locally & organically where possible from mindful companies. 

Balm Use

The tubes are 100% compostable & plant lined so some care needs to be taken to ensure integrity throughout their life
- Push 1 mm at a time, avoid spreading over the edges during application
- Too firm to push-warm in the hands, too soft-pop it in the fridge for a bit to firm up 
- Tap the tube on a surface if pushed up too far
- Swipe once under armpit, spread with fingers – avoid rolling around 
- Keep upright in a cool bathroom, away from wet surfaces
- Discontinue use if irritation occurs
- Labels are not covered with plastic laminate (as many are) so they may mark over time, no laminate means it leaves no trace when you have finished with it!


    Love*, unrefined shea butter*, coconut oil*, tapioca flour*, sodium bicarbonate*, candelilla wax, essential oils - lime, sweet orange, tea tree *Certified Organic

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