This richly hydrating vegan lip-gloss is packaged in a compostable paper tube, and is double the size of a standard lipstick.  Zero plastic involved in the packaging or shipping of this product.  No petroleum products, no waste, no animal products and no artificial ingredients.


Finally feel great about your lip-gloss, in every way.    Frosted Rose is named for its color – our medium tone of the lip-glosses we regularly stock.  The color is not dark enough to be called a lipstick.  It is a nice bit of sparkle and mauvish rose tint, for those who want something just a little more than a plain lip balm.  It is lightly sweetened with stevia, scented with a light addition of vanilla and bergamot – completely natural and perfect for anyone with sensitivities to artificial flavors.   This bee-free version is also perfect for vegans.  0.33 oz (10 mL)


Vegan Lip Gloss – Frosted Rose

  • Organic coconut oil, hemp seed oil, organic avocado oil, organic cocoa butter, vitamin e, candelila wax, stevia, mica, oxides, vanilla absolute, bergamot essential oil

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